West Coast


   Powdery sands, towering palm and heavenly coral reefed bay – beruwala is nothing short of beach holiday bliss. ’ If

sri lanka has one all out beach resort , Beruwala is it ,it’s a plum spot for serious beach lovers thanks to its dazzling combination of sun. sea and sand. The beaches something else. Soft golden sand that feels like warm talcum powder under foot. Giand palm fronds rustling lightly in the tropical breeze.

The name Beruwala is derived from the Sinhalese word for the place where the sail is lowerd. It marks the spot for the first muslim settlement on the island , established by arab traders around the 8th century AD

When you fancy swapping the scenery for a taste of authentic sri lanka food , tuck into a spicy. Prown korma or sceneted cononut fish curry at one ofter cheap and cheerful cafes edging the sands. Follow it with a sticky rice pudding dizzled in sweet palm treacle.

Sequeezed between Beruwala and bentota , this vibrant little town brims. With fascinating food souvenir and saree stalls.

Take a trip to the picturesque near by island to climb it s light house and wallow in the stunning views, you want forget them in a hurry.


Kechimalai mosque

Beruwala is home to the oldest mosque in the island . the kechimalai mosque is built on the spot where the muslim traders from the middle east landed and settled in 1024 AD.

The kenchimalai mosque is one such place this historic place of worship drows visitors with its gorgeous , yet simple , architecture. The mosque is completely white except for the green doorways, the striking contrast adding to its tropical charm.

The best time to visit this historic structure would be during the annual celebration marking the end of the month of Ramadan .it is a joyous occasion and even on lookers will feel included. Visitors to the kechimalai mosque will also enjoy the gorgeous vistas of the ocean and the surrounding areas that one can get from a top the headland.

This is an exquisite location from which to watch the sunset , with views over the bay and light house . the masque is the focus for a major id-ul-fitr festival at the end of Ramadan which draws around 50000 pilgrims from all over the island.


Beruwala light house

A ten minute boat ride to this incredible island will leave you face to face with a wonderful tourist attraction which is the Beruwala light house the island alone is a pleasure to the eye with its greenery and the view of the Indian ocean as well as its peaceful ambience, the light house is simply a pleasing addition to this green island known as barberyn island.

When you reach the if you are lucky you may end up with a glass bottom boat which will leave you in awe with the exotic marine life the Indian ocean holds, the island is roughhy around eight acres and is surrounded by thich ………………………there are only four international lighthouse in srilanka to day, one being the Beruwala light house . all ships and boats going to the Maldives have to pass the Beruwala lighthouse which is one of their most important