The Hill Country

Sri pada (Adam’s peak)

The sacred mountain

Located about 122km due to east from Colombo is the sacred mountain Sri Pada.it is

situated in the southern reaches of the central highlands, and adjacent to extensive wildlife reserves. With no other comparable mountains nearby sripada rises prominently above the surrounding area, soaring to a height of 2,243 meters above sea level.

It is easily srilanka’s most revered site , considered sacred not only by Buddhists ,but also by Christians,muslims and hindus.at the top of the mountain is a slab of rock with a large indentation believed to be the Buddha’s foot print ,which he left during his legendary third visit to the island .

Centuries later, Christians and Muslims developed the believed that this indentation was the footprint of Adam thus, sripada is also commonly known as Adam’s peak. The Hindus, according to their own belief revere the spot as the footprint of Shiva

The climbing season is between Decembers and may. As the heavy rains and