The Hill Country


    Bandarawela town, tinted with a colonial past resting among lush forestation has found its niche among its visitors as a base for eco tourism.

During the period of British colonial era, the town occurred rapid development of the infrastructures and human resources due to tea plantation and migration of the British and local people to the area. A lot of past evidence belongs to that period buildings remaining built in the British colonial period with British architectural influences such as the Bandarawela hotel, the Cargill's building, the tennis club etc.


Historical places

Ancient Dhowa Buddhist rock temple is one of the well known heritage sites in this region and the Roman Catholic church ,St Anthony's Church and Methodist church are some other historic places to visit. Ancient dhowa rock temple was founded by King Walagamba in the first century BC and is located beside Baddulla-Bandarawella high way. 6Km away from Bandarawella city it has 38ft (12Km) Buddha image sculptured from a rock and some paintings belonging to the kandyan era, depicting various Jataka stories. Adisham bungalow and Lipton seats are other historic places to Bandarawella area.