The Hill Country


     Haputale is one of the most spectacularly situated towns of Sri Lanka. You will be

standing on a Mountain top being able to see Landscapes of North, South West and East. The South geo plane run towards distance sea and the north are hills after hills, hills next to hills, hills over the hills of the highlands: that's a glorious sight.The eastern plane is one tea plantation that disappears into far sky and green valley of Buduruwagala Paddy fields and forest. The Climate is cool in this Tea City. The train trip to or from Haputale is one of best experiences you will make in Sri Lanka.

Adisham Bungalow

Adisham is the kind of place seekers of peace dream about. Now a religious house where tranquility lies like a blessing and the grandeur of sweeping mountain vistas takes your breath away, Adisham was originally the country seat of Sir Thomas Villiers. The sign at the main gate reads 'Silence is Golden', a golden saying hardly adhered by the million mutinies of the modern world devoid of collective responsibility yet clamoring for individual rights. The house was designed in the Tudor style, on the lines of Leeds Castle in Kent, with stout granite walls of locally quarried stone, long, narrow turret windows and chimneys. It looked in every detail an Elizabethan country mansion, the retreat in the tropics of a homesick Englishman, nostalgic for the scenes of his boyhood. The roof was covered with flat Burma teak shingles. The doors, windows, paneling, staircase and floors were all of Burma teak. . The bungalow was filled with imported carpets, porcelain, furniture & glassware, even had an English chauffeur brought in for his Daimler.

The old Colonial British planters' bungalow was converted into a monastery by an industrious team of monks with tons of stonework. Today the monastery runs a domestic industry of food products such as jams & jellies from guavas & fruit cordials. The monastery bordering the Tangamalai bird sanctuary, the garden is home to blue magpies, paradise flycatchers, green barbets, brilliant orange plumaged mini-verts hornbills, golden orioles & a host of other bird life.


Lipton’s seat

Lipton’s seat is one of the attractive observation points of Sri Lankan Tourism. It is located on the top of the Poonagala hill near the Dambetenna tea factory in Poonagala, Sri lanka. Lipton's seat is the highest point of the mountain range, where the most famous Tea planter of Ceylon, Sir Thomas Lipton used to admire & enjoy the panoramic view served by Haputale. 

To reach the place you have to climb about 7 km through rich tea plantations. Some parts of the roads are still not repaired since British built them. Therefore the original stone constructions are abided. From the Lipton’s view you can entertain and have a conspicuous view of the 7 districts.

If you are capable enough to travel there on a clear day it will be breath taking. In wanting to be entertained by the entire site, early morning will be fantastic as the mist sets in. Lipton’s seat is a panoramic overlooking destination in Sri lanka The route is fully fledged with lots of gorgeous outlooks, amid with pure green lush green plantations. For a broader and clear over looking, it is recommended to arrive before 10.00am to the Lipton’s seat.

By the way progression to the Lipton’s seat is narrowed from the Tea factory. On the way you will also meet St. Catherines seat and Lemasthota Waterfall.


Dambatenna Tea Factory

East of Haputale, a 10 km scenic road along the edge of the escarpment through beautiful rambling tea estates to leads us to legendary Dambatenna Tea Factory, built in 1890 by Sir Thomas Lipton, the tea magnate whose name is immortalized in Lipton's Tea. The colonial Dambatenne Tea Factory brings in an unmistakable message of philanthropy in addition to the efficient industry: the workers' quarters of the famous factory accommodates over 4,000 people; the 20,000 sq ft factory employee 1,600 workers. At the entrance is a quote from John Ruskin: "Quality is no accident. It is the result of intelligent effort." In spite of the on-going modernization, some of the machinery of the colonial era is still in operation in this ISO certified factory.


Greenfields Bio Plantations

 A very pleasant walk leads us to Greenfields Bio Plantations, 3 km from Dambetenne, one of the few organic tea producers in the country. We will have the opportunity to view a tour demonstration of the whole process involved..