The East


    Trincomalee, also known trinco is popular for its beautiful quiet sandy beaches that are ideal for tourists to

relax thousands of miles away from bustling city life. Trincomalee is a one of the most natural harbours in the world. There are only four or five others comparable to Trincomalee, among them Sydney harbour and Buenos Aires harbour in Argentina. trinco today is the fifth largest natural harbour.


Lovers leap

The touching story behind lovers leap is not legend. It is a true story attested by an inscription on a pillar on swami rock

Francine van reed was the daughter of a gentleman of rank in the civil service of Holland. She engaged to a young Dutch officer. He broke off the engagement, and his period of Foreign Service over, he embarked for Holland.

The orphanage girl watched the vessel from the promontory of swami rock, and when the ship taking away the faithless man passed the precipice, she flung herself from the roch into the sea a sheer drop of 400 feet.

A pillar set up on the promontory records the date of the tragedy 1687 April 24, when Sir Emerson tennent, secretary of the colony saw it in the later the fate of francina van reed was “nearly oblite vated”


Temple of a thousand pillars

There was in times, long past a magnificent temple dedicated to konath or kanasir on the cliff, 400 feet above the sea, at southern extremely of the penisulla that separates the inner from the outer harbour. British and other European writers of the 18th century and 19th century refer to this shrine as the “temple of the thousand pillars”.


Trincomalee beaches

Trincomalee is famous among tourist for its picturesque and scenic beaches that remain unspoiled and clean the sea of Trincomalee is relativity shallow that makes it good for bathing and swimming for travelers.


Fort fedrick

The small peninsula jutting out of Trincomalee town near the stadium and the main shopping streets. Is the Portuguese built fort fedrick in the year 1624 CE. Fort fedrick was built from the debris of a Hindu temple known as koneshwaram temple after destroying the some. fort fedrick changed hands multiple times moving from the occupation of Portuguese’s to dutch,French and then British two main tourist attraction fort fedrick are the rebuilt koneshwaram temple and ghokanne temple another attraction for traveler is the lover’s leap or swami rock , which is a 130m high cliff giving scenic view of surrounding.


Hot springs

The hot springs of kannya are about five miles North West of Trincomalee and about half a mile off the Anuradhapura road.

As with most places of interest in and around Trincomalee these hot springs also have their legends , which goes back to pre-vijayan times , when rawanas was lord of sri lanka . The legend as told to Bella Sydney woofl, sister of leornard woofl and recoded in her 1914 publication “how to see Ceylon”, is as follows.

“Vishnu wished to prevent rawana from setting forth on some undertaking, and he appeared to ravana as an old man bearing the false news that kannya (his mother) was dead .thereupon ravana determined to put off his project and, perform the rites for the dead, asked where he could find water for the ablution. Vishnu disappeared and the hot spring burst forth where he had stood. Since then they have been called after kannya”.

Seruwila temple

Seruwila temple is an ancient temple, which is among the sixteen holiest Buddhist shrines in Sri Lanka

It is reachable both from road and sea route begins at Trincomalee to muttur on board and another 16 km.

It was built during the region of king kawantissa (2nd century BC) containing the sacred forehead bone of Lord Buddha it can be reaches by land and sea the sea route begins at Trincomalee to muttur on boat.


Nilaveli and uppaveli

Nilaveli is one of most beautiful beaches is srilanka renowned for its soft white sand and breath taking bays. Nilaveli is famous for recreational water sports such as scuba diving now more and more travelers are discovering uppaveli and nilaveli. Either way, everyone loves pigeon island, a pretty island, and reef 1km from nilaveli that makes for a perfect snorkeling or diving.


Marble beach

This is a place to relax and rest your feet while watching the sun rise against a serene ‘shaded blue ’ sea front where the crystal Clear water would make you forget all the aches and pains that little heaven would be the marble beach marble beach one of the best beach to swimming sri lanka , is maintained by srilanka army . Seawater at marble beach is clear and calm as glass.


Pigeon Island

This island got its name because of the rock pigeon live over there. Earlier it was sanctuary. This island British army as a place for shooting practice in early world war time.

The island, a breeding ground for rock pigeon, is beautiful enough with rock pools and paths. Running through thickets, but it is the underwater landscape that is the real stars. The reef here is shallow making snorkeling almost as satisfying as diving, and its home to dozens of corals. Hundreds of reef fish (including a black tip reef sharks) and turtles. Going with a guide with cost more. But they ‘ill be able to point out plants and creatures that you won’t find on your own. They ll also help you to shorkel or dive less intrusively . The calm and fresh water of the island makes it a safe destination for any diver and this is popular destination.