The East


 Moneragala  is a district in Uva Province of Sri Lanka. It is the 2nd largest of the 25 districts of Sri Lanka, with an area of 5,636 km².



Buduruwagala is located about 5 km from the Wellawaya on the Thanamalwila road. The name Buduruwagala means “the rock with the statue of Buddha” And this is exactly what it is. Seven figured are carved in this rock with a massive 51 foot Buddha statue in the Abhaya Mudra gesture at the centre. The rock itself has shape of a kneeling elephant with its head own. Although there is no documented information about this site in the ancient scriptures, Different historians have dated these statues from the 6th century to late Anuradhapura period. (between 8 – 10 Century). These carvings are of the Mahayana Buddhist style and belongs to the Pallawa- Sri Lankan art tradition.





Yudaganawa Temple

 Yudaganawa Temple is located close to Buttala on the Wellawaya– Buttala Road. This is one of the largest Stupas in the country and dates back to 2 nd century BC. This is thought to be place price Tissa and his brother price Gamini (Later The great king Dutugemunu) had a major battle after the death of his father King Kavanthissa(2 nd century BC). This colossal stupa with a circumference of 317 meters (1038 feet) was initially thought to be a Kota Vehera. A large stupa built half way and a smaller stupa built on top of that.







The drive to the site from Monaragala itself is also memorable. First we go passing rubber plantations, then we go winding along a tiny back road through straggling villages, avenue of majestic old hardwood trees & paddy fields. And impressive saw-tooth hills rise in the distance. 

Maligawila,a monolithic Buddha statue 10.5m high, 3 m wide crystalline limestone Buddha. It is the largest monolithic Buddha statue in Sri Lanka. It is also regarded by some as the finest piece of all Sinhalese sculpture. Standing Buddha statue, posed in the abhya mudra ("Have no fear") pose is freestanding apart from a discreet supporting brick arch in the rear. This is one of finest works of Sinhalese sculpture & the largest free-standing Buddha figure in the Buddhist world.