The East


    The coastal town of Batticaloa sits on a narrow tongue of land with Indian Ocean to the east. Batticaloa is

located at a distance of 313 km from Colombo , in the Batticaloa district of the Eastern Province. It is a pretty city on an island, surrounded by a gorgeous lagoon. 

Scenic beauty of the Batticaloa is the Lagoons. Batticaloa district has three lagoons such as Batticaloa Lagoon, Valaichchenai Lagoon, and Vakari (Panichchankerni) Lagoon. Among these lagoon, Batticaloa Lagoon is the largest lagoon. There are several islands within the Batticaloa Lagoon such as Puliayantheevu, Buffaloa Island, Bone Island. Many bridges are built across the lagoon connecting the landmasses and the islands. The Puliayantheevu is the metropolitan place of the city. The biggest bridge of all is Lady Manning bridge located at Kallady, which is the main access path to the city from the southern places of the district. Those visiting Kallady lagoon on a full moon night may even have the opportunity to listen to the unique musical phenomenon attributed to singing fish!

Batticaloa beaches are sandy and located along 4 km shoreline in the city and further extend through the neighboring places. Kallady beach, the popular serene beachfront where large numbers of people gather in the city. Also Batticaloa such as the heavenly beaches of Pasikudah and Kalkudah have rarely been molested. Batticaloa has coral rich seas along the east coast. Diving and snorkeling is possible in the seas off Batticaloa. Late March to end of October is a good season for these activities on the eastern coast


Pasikuda Beach

Pasikuda Beach itself is known for its long stretch of golden sand shoreline and tranquil turquoise waters that provide a picture postcard like landscape in which to enjoy the glorious coastal sunshine. It is a place for relaxation and renewal and it is an ideal location for those who wish to learn swimming. The waters that surround the beach are relatively shallow and one can safely wade through the sea for quite some distance. This is an ideal place for a family beach picnic and offers a peaceful and laidback seaside setting in which to just sit back, relax and watch the world go lazily by.


Kalkudah Beach

Located about 35 kilometers north of Batticaloa, Kalkudah bay beach (a 2 km long wide stretch of beach)facing east, boats of clear, calm reef protected sea ideal for bathing.


Kallady Bridge

In the long history of excellence established in 1923, is a symbol of British. Lady Manning Bridge popularly known as Kallady Bridge was the longest bridge in the island of Srilanka at one time.Ths is the gateway connecting Batticaloa town with the southern places of the district. This bridge is also famous for singing fishes that raise a faint but distinct musical sound resembling a plucked guitar during the nights of full moon days of April to September. This music is clearly heard from the lagoon waters in the area along the Kallady Bridge. The mysterious music is attributed to a noise emanated from some form of a marine life found in the lagoon.
The best way to listen to the music is to dip one end of an oar into the water and hold the other closer to your ear.


Batticaloa Lighthouse

This Lighthouse is another landmark of Batticaloa town.Batticaloa’s Lighthouse, situated near the estuary in Palameenmadu, was built in 1913. It is 28 meters high. Thanks to a series of ladders, it is possible to reach the top of the lighthouse to get a breathtaking view of the gorgeous surrounding i.e Estuary, Beach, Ecopark, Lagoon and Islands, and get yourself lost in wonderful nuances of Blue and Green


Batticaloa (Dutch) Fort

This is a fine strategic base of very long history in Batticaloa. This fortress was first built by Portuguese in 1628. Then it was captured by the Dutch in 1638. Later, in 1745 the British captured and used it. Batticaloa Fort prevailed as a solid and formidable fortress and very safe during wartimes. Even today one can see many cannons decorating the site majestically. At present, too, this fort houses several regional administrative departments. On two sides of the Batticaloa Fort the lagoon waters laps its craggy stone walls while on the other two sides a beautifully calm moat runs deep giving a soothing sight to eyes and mind.