The South


    Bentota is well experienced with what tourists want so you can arrange almost anything from swimming, diving and

fishing to water sports like water skiing, wind – surfing, jet skiing and tubing. Bentota enriched swimming conditions in the season combined with fun water sport and exiting excursions that setup an ideal background for the relax holiday in Sri Lanka is an attraction for the families . The accommodation option at Bentota ranges from 5star luxury to midrange and budjet.

Bentota Beach

The beach Bentota is nothing like your usual holiday destination and the beach here is a fold of pristine golden sands along the mighty Indian Ocean. Bentota’s principal dive is Canoe Rock where you will find sandy areas as well as sections with coral formations. Divers have the shore, with the former being more popular and perhaps more exiting a night dive is a good option for the enthusiast who caves adventure. Crucially, the Majority of diving operators take supplies of pure oxygen with them to counder the risk of decompression.


Romantic feeling

Bentota is the most popular location for romantic weddings is witnesses hundreds of weddings locals as well as the foreigners year in year out Bentota is also an attraction of honeymoon couples once again to Sri Lankans as well as to the foreigners year at the northern end of the beach, is the long and narrow estuary called “Paradise Island”, at the southern end is the Pristine palm fringed broad beach.


Turtle Hatchery

Kosgoda nearby Bentota is famous for its turtle hatchery operated by the wild life protection society of Sri Lanka. It was established 1981 to protect Sri Lanka’s turtles from extinction. The hatchery pays fishermen for eggs that they collect at night along the sandy beach; visitors can see huge tanks filled with new born turtle hatchlings.after being fed the baby by turtles are taken too released when they are 2-4 days old, usually during the safer hours of darkness. Although October to April is the main laying season some eggs can be found at wasgoda throughout the year Marine turtles were roaming the oceans for about 190 million years. Among the many different varieties of this species only eight of ancient reptiles are found living today Srilankan beaches to rest must visit if you wish taken a look at the conservation of turtles. The Turtle hatcheries are open from 6.00 am to 6.00pm the evening if you release a freshly hatched three day old turtle into the ocean, you can here.


Brief Garden

Berief garden is a wonderful stretch of impeccably designed landscape. Spread over a couple of acres of land, which is, located about eight kilometers off Bentota, Brief garden houses mesmerizingly beautiful Japanese style gardens and lawns inspired from the colomial days. It has been lawns inspired from the colonial days. It has been home to the famous architect Bevis Bawa, some of whose works are showcased here, along with several other artists from Srilanka as well as abrod.