The South


     Srilanka’s only marine sanctuary is located here it is an ideal place for nature lovers with its abundant corals and

tropical fishes. Hikkaduwa has something to offer to everyone –coral for shorkllers, waves for surfers and white pristine beaches for those who want to relax and enjoy sun and sand.

For many people visit to Hikkaduwa be gains and ends on the beach and you can’t really fault them for that! The widest bit of sand extends north and south from Narigama here you find a few simple lounge chairs that you can rent, or even use for free if they part of a café .But don’t expect a chaotic scene: there are a few vendors, but it’s pretty relaxed the sands at wewala are narrower and steeper, but this is where the best surf is.


Hikkaduwa National Park

Hikkaduwa’s over exploited marine national park stretches along the northern end of the beach. The coral Garden here is considered to be the best out of all such coral gardens found in Asia..There is a reef of lime stones running parallel to the coast. The corels are in between this line of lime stones and the coast the sea up to about 200 meters from the coast is very shallow. The reef of lime stones protects the corals from high tide. The coral type found mostly here is the type locally called”Gampara” These corals are found in various forms, shapes and colours. They are a very fascinating sight especially, sight especially, when there is bright sunlight which gives a very cleaver view of the corals, you see some corals in the shape of a cabbage leaf, some are like a lady’s fan, since there is no silt, corals can grow in their natural from and colour.



The conditions for surfing are at their best from November to April. Over the years hikkaduwa has spread south, absorbing several hamlets. The best spot for surfing n hikkaduwa is a short in stance from the marine sanctuary off the beach of wevala and narigama here they are no very large waves but instead acomodating breaks that seldom become fighterning. That is why beginners, who need to feel safe in order to progress with confidence, get on so well at hikkaduwa nevertheless,always remember the coral and wear booties as well as having a first aid kit handy for the odd scraps.


Seenigama Temple

This temple is devoted for devol deviyan (God Devol) and around 300 years old. But some belive that this place is more than 1000 years old, but there is no any proven evidence even though, many visitors goes only to the devalaya in the main land the main devalaya located in a close by island. This are can be veched only boat.


Moonstone Mines

Srilnka has gained popularity for many things and amongst its most sought after is its precius gem stones. It has gained universal acknowledgement for a doming the blue sapphire engagement ring of late princess Diana and princess kate middleton,to the big blue sapphire that was wom by kate winslet in the box office movie titanic among these fine gem stones are many varied,some more expensive than the others,get expensive or semi-precious each is more beautiful and second best to none among these stones are famous moon stones that have high demand and for the best moon stones one must take a trip down to meetiyagoda moon stone mine.

This is an ideal place of visit for those interested in the mining of moon stones for it is one place a very high concertration of these stones the villagers are firm believers that the reason for this high concertration of these stones is as resault of a blessing by the moon and are proud of the representation it bring to this beautiful village of meetiyagoda also you can visit gangarama temple That has lots of popular educational paintings and Hikkaduwa lake home monitor lizards and a lot of birdlife.