North and Jaffna

Mannar Island

  Mannar is a dry island with a desert like climate however do not let fool you into thinking that this place has nothing to offer. Mannar was also

involved in the civil conflict and therefore the place has not been able to develop to its full capacity since then. However it is still a very important place to visit and it is also a sacred place to catholic as most Catholics make a pilgrimage to Mannar.

Once in Mannar, a must see is venkalai bridge which is the longest bridge in Mannar. There is a bird sanctuary on either side of the bridge between paliyanthir and thinkenilwert. This place is bliss for all bird watchers as more than 200 bird’s rare species of pig and crocodile also have made venkalai sanctuary their home. There are also mangroves and sandy stretches along with mini dunes around the area.

Another must see is one of the most famous Hindu temples in srilanka which is the thiruketheeswaram temple one of the three most famous temples, there is also the Mannar fort built by the Dutch and information on a stone inscription at Thamanhil Island. No trip to Mannar is complete without viewing the famous bioba tree which is the largest in the island. The most beautiful beach in Mannar is the urumale beach, only a beach and its beauty unaffected, Mannar is famous for the sacred madhu church one of the holiest churches in Asia and one that is visited by many devotees.

Mannar is a rural town and one that has been a lot of hard ship. The area is dry and besides these few sports there is nothing much to do than sock up the beauty of the north, shopping mails and five star hotels as well entertainment is nonexistent as the area has not been fully developed yet.